Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Art of the Do Over

It seems I have become the Queen of the "Do Over." I just searched and have at least 5 blogs to my name. This is the one I started first so the others will just go the way of la la land. I cannot say that I will continue this as I am rather good at starting projects but continuing them and completing them is another story. Hence the reason why I do not dye my hair, have fake nails or exercise on a regular basis.

The good side of this is I'm a huge fan of the fresh start. A lover of new beginnings. And a perpetual do over-er. So here's my do over to catch all of my three followers up with what is happening in the life of Jen.

First, I am now 44 years old. Really. Truly. 44. Yikes.

Second, I am working on getting my master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction as a reading specialist. I hope to eventually get my license as a dyslexia therapist.

Third, I have a son who is a rising junior at the University of Houston and a daughter who is graduated from A&M and living in Toyama, Japan. Really. I know that is even crazier than the fact that I am 44.

I think that's good for now. I'll let this one rest a bit. I think I'd like to post some of my papers that I write for school. If you're an educator, I think you might get something out of them. Maybe just a little something.